2021 Known Open Days and Events

28 August 2021 - End of Summer Celerbration -  1pm until 5pm on Saturday

29 August 2021 - End of Summer Celerbration -  12pm until 7pm on Sunday

30 August 2021 - End of Summer Celerbration -  2pm until 5pm on Monday (Bank Holiday)

05 September 2021 - Mikron Theatre Presenting 'A Dog's Tale' - 2pm until 5pm on Sunday - Ticket now available

11 September 2021 - Activators - 5pm until 10pm on Saturday - Sold out

26 September - Open Day - 12pm until 7pm - Welcome to Autumn

The Brewery

The Cat Asylum operates from Brook House, which was once a successful plough workshop, and parts of ploughs and repaired agricultural equipment lie around, pretty much undisturbed as they have been since Walter Bealby ceased trading in the 1930s.  Since that time the buildings have been used as a part time farm and full time cat sanctuary.

Henry, the driving force behind the brewery, is the seventh generation of Bealby that has lived and worked in the family’s buildings at the edge of the village.

If it’s not interesting, we don’t brew it and first and foremost are our  traditional beers which offer a unique trip into the past.

A great friend of Henry's, the world famous beer writer, historian and cat hater, Ron Patterson, has supported the development of the brewery from its beginning.  It was his well-documented enthusiasm for forgotten styles of beer that first inspired the range of the historical beers we brew, many of them local to Newark.  You can find a link to his beer blog, complete with his rediscovered recipes, elsewhere on this site.

Historical beers brewed with historical yeasts are just part of what we do.  As a bunch of beer enthusiasts,  we also brew a range of modern beers that explore the full range of vibrant flavours coming out of America and New Zealand, while our saison range is infused with whole seasonal fruit, often locally foraged, which helps to produce stronger beer of a wine like complexity.