The Brewery

Cat Asylum operates from what was once a plough workshop and is still one of the best preserved Georgian workshops that exist in Nottinghamshire. Parts of ploughs and repaired agricultural equipment lie around undisturbed as they have been since Walter Bealby ceased trading in the 1930s when the buildings were largely given over to a part time farm and full time cat sanctuary.


Ron Pattinson, the world famous beer writer, historian and cat hater, went to school in Newark and is a personal friend of the brewery. It was his well documented enthusiasm for forgotten styles of beer that first inspired the idea of a micro brewery here that would historically recreate these lost tastes. We love all the modern beers that have done such innovative things with New World hops and flavourings but here we dedicate ourselves to something different. Our beers are unique trips into the past, which as we know is another country and people drank beers differently there.

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