About Us

The Workshop - Bar

The Bealby family have lived in Collingham since 1790 making ploughs for the local area and beyond.  This business went into bankruptcy in 1920 as a result of the national agricultural depression.  The plough history accumulated over centuries remains the soul of the Worksop - now the bar area.

Why Cat Asylum?

We are proud to say that the name is entirely the responsibility of the brewery’s cat inmate.  As the buildings provided a safe haven for this disturbed animal is was its intention that they could also provide a refuge and sanctuary for those lost beers, just waiting for one more chance to take their place in the sun.

Our Suppliers

Cat Asylum takes care to source the bulk of its malt from old fashioned floor maltings reflecting our desire to maintain those crafts and tastes which are in danger of being lost.

Spring Barley

Why use spring barley?  Our almost exclusive use of the bird-friendly spring sown varieties of barley ensures that we do our bit to preserve our crucially endangered farmland bird population.